Writing Model: Simple past VS past perfec

Two years ago, my mother fell asleep on the couch after her husband had gone to bed. An intruder sneaked in through the sliding door, which the couple had forgotten to lock, and crept through the house. He entered the bedroom where the husband was sleeping and picked up the television set. The sleeping man woke up, saw a figure standing there, and whispered, “Honey, come to bed. “The burglar panicked, put down the TV, grabbed a stack of money from the dresser, and ran out. 

The story continues after the pictures...

The thief was in for a big surprise! The money turned out to be a stack of Christian pamphlets with a likeness of a $ 20 bill on one side and an explanation of the love and forgiveness god offers to people on the other side. Instead of the cash he expected, the intruder got the story of God’s love for him.

Tell the class a similar story. Use the picture below. Use all your creativity to tell the story and don't forget to use simple past VS past perfect. 

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