Blog 5

Dear all,

This is your task for week 5. Write a paragraph about:


Think of someone you know who has achieved success in some way:

§  Make a list of reasons why he or she became successful.
§  Use vocabulary given in class.

Your post should be done in no less than 50 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible

Deadline: Friday 15/04/2016 

Read the paragraph below. Can you find mistakes? How many? Can you correct them
Albert Einstein was one of the greatest minds of all times. Nobody was as bright as him during his life. Walking on the streets, he looked like an ordinary person but when he was teaching, he was a really genius in front of his class. He became very successful by proposing his General Theory of the Relativity, which gave another perspective to our conception of the universe, and by winning the Physics Nobel Prize in 1921. The most remarkable aspect of him is that during all his life, he tried to unify the gravitational, electromagnetic and nuclear forces in one single theory up to his death. Even now, this challenge has not been accomplished by any scientists.
Hope it helps for your blog in Cambridge. Remember to read the unit before you starts writing.

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