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Dear all,

This is your task for week 10. Write a paragraph about:

Is flying by plane a good way to travel?

Make sure that you:

§  Give reasons and examples to support your answer.
§  Use reported speech to give some examples.
§  Use although, even though, despite, in spite of, nevertheless, or however to contrast ideas.

Your post should be done in no less than 50 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible

Deadline: Friday 20/05/2016 

Read the paragraph below. Can you find mistakes? How many? Can you correct them
People say that flying by plane is a good way to travel; nevertheless, this statement has some pros and cons depending on the circumstances.
The positive side is that if you fly by plane, your traveling will be faster than by bus. Besides, the majority of accidents occur when you travel by bus in comparison to flying by plane.
On the other hand, it is supposed not to be as cheap as traveling by bus and you have to wait long hours in the waiting room before getting into the plane. Also, the possibility of finding more airports than bus terminals is almost zero.
For all the reasons expose before, you should have considered all your alternatives before choosing the most convenient mean of transportation for you according to cost, facility and time. (Cisneros Deza Jorge Luis)
Hope it helps for your blog in Cambridge. Remember to read the unit before you starts writing.

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